Reading youtube comments while watching videos

Read comments and watch video simultaneously on YouTube. Sometimes the comments are just as good as the video, so why not view both at the same time? Comments and YouTube have also got a bad rap. Google did its bit to improve reading youtube comments with the Google+ powered commenting system. But the trolls and the toxic continue to blitzkrieg through your reading experience.

I wonder how many of us are brave enough to scroll down and read the comments?

Let’s not deny the value of comments for an online community. Just look at sites like Reddit and even ours. YouTube can’t do without its comments because it brings the voice of the fans to the conversation. It makes the lonely act of watching videos a bit more social.

The Problem With Reading YouTube Comments

For readers and commentators, the YouTube comments presents a problem. First, the good videos usually attract a lot of comments. Second, you can’t watch the video while reading or replying with a comment of your own.

Let’s say, you are watching a Photoshop tutorial and want to add to what the instructor just said without missing a frame. You must pause and then write it. And it might make you scroll down the page with the video out of sight.

A simple problem that requires a simple solution. A Chrome extension called Comment Mode  (or here) has it. As the label on the tin says, you can read comments and watch videos simultaneously on YouTube. Here’s what it looks like in action:

Install the Chrome extension and press the button for each video you want to watch. It is not automatic for all videos on YouTube. Makes sense. You can hit the icon to read the comments while watching a video you like. Else just watch and avoid the alligators in the swamp.


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