live photos iphone 6s turning to GIF

Live Photos iPhone 6s feature have got huge response from users as almost all of them started using this feature by clicking Live Photos. This feature let users get just a little bit more out of taking photos. The feature allows users to catch a moving glimpse of the moment right before they snap photos. The drawback is that they can’t be shared with anyone who doesn’t own an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus — unless you first convert them into GIFs.

What Are Live Photos iPhone?

When the iPhone 6S was first introduced, the Live Photo feature which was new to the phone, allowed users to capture the seconds before and after a photo is taken in a video. Live Photos can only be taken using an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus phone, and can only be viewed on an Apple device running  iOS 9 or El Capitan. Anyone else will see a still image.

How to Take Live Photos

To take a Live Photo on a supported Apple device, open up the native camera app, and tap the Live Photo button above viewfinder. When it is turned on, it turns yellow:

live photos iphone
live photos iphone

If you want to switch off the feature, just tap the icon above the viewfinder. When it’s turned off, it’s white. The Live Photo feature does also take up double the space on your phone that a regular photo does.

How to Convert Live Photos to GIFs

All you need is a free app called Lively. When you launch the app, it will display all the Live Photos on your phone. You can open one up and export it in three different formats.

First, you can convert the Live Photos to a GIF file. The GIF file is around 4 to 5 MB and will feature a watermark with the app name, unless you upgrade to the paid version of Lively for $2.99. There are some basic settings you can choose in the free version including playback settings, size, and speed.

live photos iphone

Second, you can convert the photo to a video MOV file. The file will take up about 3 MB. Lastly, if you find that there’s a specific frame in the photo that you want to save, you can save it as a JPG file. And don’t forget, the Live Photo feature is not unique to iOS phones.

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