March 2016 - Techapter

How Black Wallpaper Will Save Your Android Battery

The options for extending battery life far too often involve trade-offs. What are you willing to sacrifice to give your phone better battery life? Neat tricks that you can easily live without probably seem doable, but Internet access? GPS? Tons of apps? CPU speed? Why even have a smartphone if you have to dumb it down for the battery? What if we told you that something so small as a change in wallpaper could make a significant difference? How could that possibly be effective? In continue we will explain how Save Your Android Battery with a little change.

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Set Notifications for specific Emails on iPhone

Notifications are obnoxious. Few of us actually need a “ding!” from our pocket every time we get a new email. But some emails are more important, and you might want to hear about them immediately with a notification.You may care a lot about an email from your boss, spouse, or even a lawyer. Rather than getting notifications for everything, set up notifiations to only happen for critical emails you really care about. Here is how to set notifications for specific emails on iPhone.

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